Future Proof K&E Graduation Catalogue
for the University of the Arts Utrecht

Book design for the Arts & Economics Graduation class of 2020

Each year between a hundred and two hundred students graduate from the Arts & Economics study at the University of the Arts. Future Proof is a publication containing the works of 2020’s graduates. The book uses a guiding system that focusses on the name and contact info of the students.
Since the focus of the Arts & Economics graduates is not on visual projects, but rather conceptual ones, HouseTMM designed a catalogue where the focus lies on essential contact and personal information. This resulted in a rigid and clear system where every project gets treated the same, highlighting the collectiveness of this graduation class of 2020.

Cover image by HouseTMM

Cover image 2 by HouseTMM
Pocket Size

Creative direction and design by HouseTMM
Printing and binding: Lenoirschuring

Dimensions: 240 x 17 mm
Paper: Gloss white Chromolux
Fonts: Neue Haas Grotesk & Migra Extralight