HKU Exposure
Online 2020
Campaign design

A visual identity including custom illustrations, animations,
posters, abri’s, digital platform, social media content/strategy & merch

HKU Exposure 2020, like most graduation shows this year, was quite different than it would normally be. Because of Covid-19 it took place entirely online. HouseTMM was asked to design a campaign refelecting the creativity and talent within the HKU graduation classes of 2020, while also capturing the essence of this strange time to be a graduate in.

HouseTMM created a visual identity with consisting out of illustrations and animations that portray a whirlwind of art, design, music and content. A storm of dialogue between creators and their audience. With clear and simple typography to support the campaign message. The identity was expanded into multiple media such as print, media and social outlets.

PMS Poster Campaign
Screen Printed T-shirt

Abri Campaign
Website Mobile

Colour Scheme 1
Colour Scheme 2

Complimentary t-shirt card
PMS poster on gloss paper

Festival Schedule Design

Creative direction and design by HouseTMM
Illustrations by HouseTMM, Animations by Daan Diks
Screenprint posters by Kapitaal