Objects in Mirror
(are closer than they appear)

Self initiated product design 2020
Mirror with custom typography, brochure & packaging

Objects in Mirror is a 100 x 25 mm sized mirror that acts as a self reflecting tool designed to confront yourself. The concept behind this mirror comes from a scene in True Detective season 1 where a character gazes into an eye sized mirror. Maybe to reflect, maybe to contemplate or to meditate.

The aesthetics and title of the project are inspired by US produced motor vehicle mirrors. The phrase ‘Objects in mirror are closer than they appear’ in this case could be interpreted as the individual being more in tune than he or she think they are. The mirror comes with a disclosed form with information and can be easily mounted at home.

100 X 25 mm
Lasered typography

See through type
Cut from acrylic

Disclosed form

Produced by ReproWK
Available at HousePublishing for €15,-