Polite Fictions by
Suzanne Schols

Book design for artist Suzanne Schols
Nominated for the Kassel Dummy Award

Throughout history, the exchange of gifts has played a central role in the conduct of international relations. While the rules, traditions and culture of gifting evolve, it remains a universal ritual that often reveals deeper truths about what it means to be human.

Polite Fictions examines this gifting ritual in the diplomatic arena, wherein gifts once had the power to initiate negotiations, ease tensions or send subtle messages. HouseTMM created a publication that conveys this intricate narrative in a physical manner.

5 different chapters investigating political gifts
Linnen soft cover

Screenprinted and embossed linnen soft cover

Silkscreen Spine
Printed in an edition of 50

Creative direction and design: HouseTMM
Photography: Suzanne Schols
Printing and binding: Lenoirschuring

Dimensions: 20,3 x 27cm
Paper: 115 grs Munken Print White
Fonts: Suisse Works & Neue Haas Grotesk Regular