Visual identity for Madrid based
Sample Eyewear

A visual identity including custom typography, case design,
cloth and pouch design, custom technical drawings and lookbook

Sample Eyewear is a new Madrid based eyewear brand that produces high quality sunglasses. The brand focussen on the production proces and wants to give the consumer a more detailed look at the craft of making a pair of well designed glasses.
HouseTMM created a visual identity with production at it’s core. Typography, colour pallete and a graphic system that highlight the craft and thoughts that go into creating a frame. From packaging to print and digital assets.

Custom typography on temple
Eyewear Case in grey with embossed logo

Sample custom type in A and M
Sample Eyewear Embossed

Custom Type
Industrial Coded Signing

Production Sheet Test N2
Production Sheet Test N4

Visual direction and design by HouseTMM
Campaign Photography by Fredrick Andersson, Esther Boyarizo and Noemi