Visual identity for the experimental
classical events of Synthese

A visual identity and graphic system, including poster design, social media presence,
outdoor campaign and Spotify playlists.

Synthese is an Utrecht based collective organizing recurring events that offer a stage for young and upcomming pioneers in the field of modern classical music. This makes their concerts very diverse and intruiging, often held at unique and fitting locations throughout the city.
HouseTMM created a visual identity and graphic system that reflects the experience of the events that Synthese puts together. For every new edition a new colourful graphic visual world for is created. This results in an identity that is recognizable, yet refreshing with every new event. 

Custom graphic patterns
Poster on A1 for the first edition

Outdoor poster campaign
Synthese logo design

Synthese on Spotify

Outdoor poster campaign

Poster on A1 for the second edition
Poster on A1 for the third edition

Creative direction and design by HouseTMM